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Bastinado and BDSM sex mixed together for slave Gia Dimarco

It's normal when bastinado comes as an important part of spanking or bondage action. But my today's guest is not an ordinary woman. Beautiful Gia DiMarco prefers to take it to the very limit when it comes to extreme bonds and foot whipping. This time she not just going to be punished with nasty falaka but also fucked at the very same time!

Device Bondage traditionally builds its BDSM episodes around bizarre-looking torture devices and nasty frames in which nude girls are being locked to. Today, however, they did it a bit different and included a great deal of bastinado foot whipping mixed with violent bondage sex. Just look how much Gia loves her degrading domination!

The setup for bastinado scene is pretty simple but kinky: firstly undressed woman is being bound with very long cloth band. This type of restrains reminds me of mummification bondage: Miss DiMarco looks really sexy with her legs as well as upper body tightly wrapped. Helpless slut is then being put on the floor and chained heavily. Just look at her: that bubble butt is waiting to be fucked while sexy feet of her are in need of painful bastinado whipping!

Master uses the traditional bamboo stick to deliver painful strokes to sensitive soles of bound girl. I would expect her to roll all over the floor desperately trying to avoid the punishment but tight chains are there to prevent her from doing that. Unable to move an inch and stimulated with nasty falaka torture, Gia gets wet in no time! Her pussy is dripping juices and it is time for a stud to jump on and ram the whore.

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I've seen lots of foot whipping scenes but never have as much fun as with this one: teased with bastinado and fucked at the very same time, bound lady has been taken to that famous BDSM state where pain becomes pleasure. What a perfect mix of falaka, bondage and rough sex!

Visit Device Bondage for the full version of this episode. Enjoy every second of Gia DiMarco BDSM torment in HD. Couple of hundreds pf pictures and half an hour of hi-definition video are going to show you the punishment from different angles and you'll going to hear all those sexy sounds slave Gia makes along her bastinado training. Click the banner above to get to Device Bondage now and starts watching!

Slave Darling undergo bastinado whipping punishment

Like most of other bondage punishments, bastinado foot whipping has to be done the proper way. Woman has to be nude and tied up tightly in order to reach that famous state when pain is being felt as pleasure. Using a bit of creativity is always a good thing and the following bastinado scene proves that nicely.

I guess you have met slave Darling previously: this sexy pain slut just can't do without a great deal of punishments, BDSM training and humiliation. Today she came back to to be subjected to a painful bastinado whipping. I hope she had as great time as we are going to: it is always a pleasure for me to watch such a beautiful woman driven to orgasm with degrading tortures!

Nude Darling is being put on her belly and then her both: ankles and wrists were roped to couple of steel tubes. The feet bondage itself is really exciting: sexy MILF is lying helplessly on the dirty floor but the main event is still to come!

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There is a huge steel hook being inserted in girl's pussy and then connected to her hair with a rope. This will prevent her from moving too much when bastinado strikes are going to land on her sensual feet.

Male and female masters are there to do the falaka punishment. Isis Love and Matt are the real deal torturers and Darling is going to receive 100% bastinado whipping pleasure! Watch the HD movie of this scene to hear the sound with which two bamboo stick are landing on slave's soles. The smile on the lovely face of the helpless slave tells us that she achieved that amazing state when each stroke of bastinado whipping echoes with sweet pleasure deep in her belly!

There is more on this episode can be seen at Go there now and enjoy these wonderful sounds of bastinado punishment mixed with lusty moans of degraded girl. Half an hour of HD video and more than a hundred of pictures display every second of this sick action and makes it totally believable that it is you whipping her feet with bamboo stick! Click the banner above and enjoy falaka pain!

Girl locked in tube device for bastinado and sex machine torture

Some girls require something more that just bastinado whipping to reach that highest point of BDSM submission. I am happy that there are still places on the Internet that helps these pain-loving sluts to get their satisfaction. Check out kneeling slavegirl locked in kinky frame and then forced to cum with dildo and foot bastinado torment.

Using steel tubes for creating a BDSM fixture looks like a good idea to me. Guys form Device Bondage understand well the basic rules of bondage toys creation. This is the reason why naked falaka sub put on her knees and then locked in that device looks so helpless and sexy! Put on all fours, hot young lady cannot move at all because every single part of her slim body is being help in place with cold steel. Fully restrained, she is ready to undergo her BDSM training which involves severe bastinado punishment.

But there is another thing has to be done to the slave before ger toes and heel are being spanked. How about driving a huge, well lubricated rotating rubber cock in that tight pussy of hers? With the strong feeling of getting fucked with an electrical drill, exposed slut is going to respond to bastinado much more intensively. Isn't this the main object of any falaka punishment?

Device Bondage has the entire picture set and a hi-definition movie of this foot whipping episode available accessible for online viewing. Go there now and feel the passion of the moment when bastinado punished girl starts cumming from the massive dildo drilling her pussy! Click the banner above and enjoy hundreds of other nasty bondage episodes where pretty women are being restrained with bizarre BDSM tools and then punished to very orgasm. Have fun and come back for more filthy bastinado tortures!

Suspended woman tormented with bastinado

There are two kinds of bastinado slaves I know. The first group is deeply into spanking and the only thing they are looking for is being punished with whipping. The other group is mostly of BDSM type and they require classic bondage and other kinky activities including foot bastinado to get satisfied. Lorelei Lee is a pain slut of the second kind and I would like to show you the way she prefers to be handled.

The BDSM master is in a creative mood today and he comes up with a really unusual bondage pose for the blonde bastinado slave. The undressed female is being suspended with her feet up and her head down. Tight ropes are running across girl's body making her look really sexy. By looking at woman's face you can tell that she is really enjoying the process and looking forward to be fully immobilized with kinky bonds: Lorelei loves to be absolutely helpless when bastinado birch rod first hits her heels!

It is always a good thing to do to warm up a bastinado slavegirl before going with full force punishments. Gentle hand spanking works perfectly for Lorelei Lee and bondage master puts lot of time and effort hitting bubble butt of the suspended slut with his palm. After great number of painful slaps girl's ass turn its color to pink. What a nice spanking toy she is!

The bastinado whipping is done in a classic manner: wooden rod is used for making loud strokes over the sexy feet. I can spend hours watching the way exposed woman shakes her luscious body with each painful hit comes to her heels. Fully helpless and unable to move, she reminds me a fishing bite put on a string. Bastinado is surely the funniest way of punishing women!

Lorelei aren't going anyhere after the bastinado whipping. There is a whole row of painful and degrading BDSM torments are waiting for her in the following hour. This girl has to cum multiple times in bondage before master will set her free. Watch all the action at where there are over 200 pictures and 60 minutes of video were made. Enjoy every second of bizarre BDSM punishment, kinky bastinado whipping and wooden pony riding. Hit the banner to access imaged and see the movie:

Outdoor bastinado whipping in wooden stocks

While some of the websites doing bastinado punishments the simple way, there are sort of other places where they are paying lots of attention to the setup and all the details to make the falaka torture look as it was in dark ages. I am back with another picture set presented by the Infernal Restraints where there is naked woman put in kinky wooden stocks in order to be punished with nasty bastinado whipping.

The first thing you would notice about featured bastinado episode would be the fact that the foot whipping is being done outdoors. Most of the girls getting their feet beaten in the dark torture chambers while it is much more exciting to do this on public where everyone can see her.

The guys from Infernal Restraints are paying lots of attention to all these kinky details that makes BDSM punishment look as closer to medieval reality as possible. Today for example they've built a very special wooden rig which suits for lots of punishments including the bastinado. Please note a set of holes made inside the hard wood that allow locking female in tem in a number of very kinky poses.

On the pictures posted the upper holes of the stocks are used for holding up girl's ankles while the lower ones are used for wrists. Look closer and you'll see the nasty steel hog ring put around slave's neck. Don't you think that it is one of the most bizarre ever and it suits perfectly for doing the bastinado?

The guys were trying to make their bastinado episode to look as a period-true medieval torture, so they've put heavy steel chains of woman's feet. They surely do look nasty and add great amount of realism to the scene.

The bastinado whipping itself is made with the classic wooden rod. You should watch the movie of the punishment to hear those whistling sounds of a stick moving through the air and then hitting the soft feet. Then there goes the loud scream of the whipped woman that is slightly throttled with that kinky neck holding thing. What a nice way to do the feet whipping!

The complete set of images and 45 minutes of video made during this bastinado episode are can be seen at the Infernal Restraints website. Enjoy this and hundreds of other bizarre scenes where submissive women are being punished and tortured the exact way it was done centuries ago.

See the great deal of pictures and movies where nasty medieval tortured are being recreated in amazing details. Hit the banner to go there now:

Bastinado whipping for slave Jade Indica locked in BDSM device

Jade Indica became one of my favorite bondage models after this bastinado scene. Although this girl does not have big tits (which I like very much) she has that slutty look in her eyes that makes you thinking about tying the girl up and tormenting her with foot whipping. Jade has a really sexy body that looks lovely when restrained with bondage ties and weird BDSM devices.

Check out the nasty fixture that was assembled specially for Miss Indica bastinado punishment. Made from steel tubes, it is designed to hold the naked slave in kind a weird pose where her ass and pussy are fully exposed and easily accessible for all kinds of punishments including nasty spanking. Girl's ankles are being held in place spread so it is really easy to spank them with bastinado. Please note that there is a special box used for locking slave's head in it. It is much more exiting for a naked female to be punished with falaka when she can't see a thing!

There is one thing that I like about this bastinado episode very much. Slave Indica is being put in this kinky device fully dressed and then, when totally helpless, all the clothes are being cut off her with scissors. I hope you like to watch the way enslaved woman being undressed as much as I do! Just take a look at the moment when girl's white panties were cut in halves and then ripped off. Really kinky starts for the bastinado episode!

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Exposed brunette wasn't only being punished with bastinado when her soft feet were BDSM whipped with wooden stick painfully. There is a few other nasty things were performed to her hot body. Little tits were pulled sideways with nipple clamps and there is a huge rubber cock was used to penetrate both of girl's holes: pussy and ass. What a pleasure it is: to see an exposed sexy lady getting her feet violated with bastinado and her ass hole invaded with a dildo!

Pictures of this scene are lovely but it is much more interesting to watch the video of this episode. It is shot in hi-definition so you'll be looking at the girl bastinado punishment in amazing details!

Guys from Device Bondage are working hard to please the surfers with highest quality BDSM action where there are lots of bizarre devices used. Along with intense bastinado those are used to torture sexy girls until they cum multiple times like dirty whores. Jade Indica is just one of those sluts that were enslaved there. Click the banner below to browse all the Device Bondage slaves and see more of pretty Jade nude, bound and whipped!

Bondage and bastinado for hot asian

Mika Tan is one of the hottest asian bondage models and seeing her all tied up and punished with bastinado whipping would be a pleasure for every BDSM lover. Luckily there is a nasty picture set made by website where this sexy babe is bound for trouble and got her feet spanked.

As you might know Mika is an experienced dominatrix. She can do both: train girls and punish men with same success. This fact makes it even more exiting to see Miss Tan enslaved with kinky Japanese-style bondage and pleasured with bastinado and falaka like one of these sexy petgirls.

In the beginning of this feet and bondage episode there were a few nasty bondage poses featured in which hot asian babe was put into. It took the rigger time to create these rope ties over the hot body and I am sure you'd be pleased to see them all. You can do it right now by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post. It was one of Mika's toughest BDSM scene and she had really hard times in hardcore bonds. There is a picture gallery and a movie that shows everything in details available and I would like to go straight to the bastinado scene that took place at the very end of the episode.

It is a known fact that bastinado and falaka were invented in Asia. That's why seeing an attractive orient girl getting her feet whipped in bondage is so natural. Today's slave fits perfectly for this purpose!

Put on her knees and having her arms tied behind the back sexy brunette is now ready to experience a nasty bastinado. Bondage rigger attached a couple of bamboo nipple clamps on tops of girl's breasts to make her BDSM punishment even more exiting and sealed her mouth with a piece of clothes. Bound gagged asian girl does really sexy sounds as wooden sticks hit her heels. You should definitely hear those by watching the video version of the scene. Mika Tan is inimitable when bound and whipped!

As I've mentioned earlier, there is a full version of this bastinado scene can bee seen at the website. It comes with 45 minutes of video and about 200 pictures where every single second of Mika bondage adventure is shown. Use banner below to check the out and browse hundreds of other nasty BDSM girls all tied up, punished and whipped with bastinado for your viewing pleasure:

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